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Obama’s Law School Professor Nails The EPA ➠ Says They’re Burning The Constitution!

Obama’s Law School Professor Nails The EPA, Says They’re “Burning The Constitution”…

Gina McCarthy

Yup, of course they are…

Via Daily Caller:

President Obama has found himself at odds with his old law school mentor over the Environmental Protection Agency.


Laurence Tribe, a liberal constitutional scholar at Harvard University, told House lawmakers that EPA carbon dioxide regulations are tearing the Constitution apart.


“EPA possesses only the authority granted to it by Congress,” Tribe told lawmakers in a hearing Tuesday. “Its gambit here raises serious questions under the separation of powers… because EPA is attempting to exercise lawmaking power that belongs to Congress and judicial power that belongs to the federal courts.”


“Burning the Constitution should not become part of our national energy policy,” Tribe added.


Tribe, along with other legal and energy experts, appeared before Congress Tuesday to give testimony on the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” — the agency’s plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions from new and existing power plants. Tribe told lawmakers the CPP is unconstitutional and outside the agency’s authority. More

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