Obama’s Legacy ➠ Poll Finds Majority Of Democrats Now Consider Mexico A Better Ally Than Israel

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Obama’s Legacy: Poll Finds Majority Of Democrats Now Consider Mexico A Better Ally Than Israel…

Then again, this is the same party that booed when their party’s convention recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Via Rasmussen:

Americans continue to view Canada and Great Britain as our best friends, but Israel has tumbled down the list. Democrats by a 10-point margin now see Mexico as a better ally than the Jewish state.


A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 86% of American Adults consider Canada an ally of the United States. Just two percent (2%) consider our northern neighbor an enemy, while five percent (5%) rate it somewhere in between the two.


Similarly, 84% regard Great Britain as a U.S. ally, while only two percent (2%) think it’s an enemy. Five percent (5%) view Britain as somewhere in between.

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