Obama’s Pentagon Gets Humiliated Over Its Newest Weapon… May God Help Us


On many levels, President Barack Obama has left the United States military in a vulnerable state that could eventually leave us wide open for embarrassing defeats on future battlefields.

As we stare a growing list of threats in the face, we do so with less military capability than what many consider optimal.

The problem lies with what Obama is directing the Pentagon to spend its shrinking budget on. For example, the once highly-anticipated F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which cost the Department of Defense unfathomable amounts of cash, was recently bested in a simulated dogfight by an F-16 equipped with 40-year-old technology.

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Reports indicated that the shiny new jet might not be able to hold its own in a real dogfight.

According to experts, our government doesn’t believe dogfights still exist, which is the same mistake that was made decades ago when the F-4 Phantom was sent into battle without a cannon because the government insisted that dogfighting was a thing of the past.

But if you ask the surviving family members of the pilots who died flying the defenseless pieces of metal that were shot down by outdated North Vietnamese MiGs, they might have another take on it.

The authors of a recent Reuters blog summarized the current administration’s dangerous thought process by bringing attention to the poor choices made by Pentagon brass for the weapons of future wars.

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