Obama’s War Against Dishwashers

Danby Products Limited displays a countertop dishwasher at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. The dishwasher, which is about the size of a microwave oven, retails for $199. The show goes from January 16-19 at Chicago's McCormick Place. SJO/JP - RTRFCD



So the stupid rules actually make the situation worse, both for water usage and efficiency. That’s the Obama regime in a nutshell.

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Via The Hill:

Companies that make dishwashers are warning that the Obama administration’s latest efficiency standards for their industry would backfire.


The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers is accusing the Department of Energy (DOE) of a politically motivated drive to increase dishwasher efficiency standards, which are so bad that they would cause consumers to re-wash dishes, erasing any efficiency gains.


Rob McAver, the group’s head lobbyist, said regulators are going too far and the new rules will allow only 3.1 gallons to be used to wash each load of dishes.


“At some point, they’re trying to squeeze blood from a stone that just doesn’t have any blood left in it,” McAver said.


Some of the group’s members, which include companies like GE Appliances & Lighting and Whirlpool Corp., tweaked their models to comply with the DOE’s December proposal to ratchet up standards.


They then ran standard tests with food stuck to dishes.


“They found some stuff that was pretty disgusting,” McAver said.


McAver brought DOE officials to his office recently to show them the results and released photos of it publicly this week. More

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