Off-Color Remarks ➠ Black Female Slammed For Supporting Rand Paul ➠ Her Response ➠ Video

Off-Color Remarks ➠ Black Female Slammed For Supporting Rand Paul


The left believes they can automatically assume who’s a liberal and who’s a conservative. For instance, if you’re a wealthy, straight white male over the age of 50, you’re supposed to be a conservative (to which I say, explain the phenomenon that is Harry Reid). If you’re a young black female, you’re supposed to be a liberal. It’s they way it works. Liberals have complete conniptions whenever these people–who they shamelessly stereotype– deviate from their script.

The truth is, to the left, there’s nothing worse than being conservative. If you’re a minority/gay/female/poor conservative, you’re suddenly the enemy. Nothing else matters. It turns into a giant witch hunt.

Needless to say, if you’re black, you’re a Democrat. Case closed. No room for discussion.

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That twisted line of thinking is exactly why Zuri Davis, a 19-year-old black conservative woman who supports Sen. Rand Paul, had to fight back.

Davis is vocal about her support for Paul. Her cover photo on Facebook shows her wearing a “Stand with Rand” shirt. But she said she was absolutely disgusted when her friend sent her a status someone wrote about her. More


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