Officer Pictured During CHILLING Scene ➠ What’s Behind Him Is Heart-Wrenching

Officer Pictured During CHILLING Scene, What’s Behind Him Is Heart-Wrenching

A recent picture is going viral after a police officer was photographed during quite the chilling scene as he held a little girl. It was what was behind him that makes this story heart-wrenching.

It all started at about 9:30 a.m. on June 10th, when a massive car accident took place along I-76 in Brighton, Colorado, resulting from a blown tire. According to police, of the 6 occupants in the vehicle — two adults and four kids — none were wearing their seat belts.

Unfortunately, as the car overturned, all 6 occupants were ejected from the vehicle. An unnamed man, who is reportedly the father of the little girl pictured in the officer’s arms, was the only one who did not survive.

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Quite the chilling photograph was captured while emergency crews were in the process of caring for those that were involved in the accident. Holding onto a little girl, the officer can be seen pointing off into the distance – away from the wreck – in an attempt to distract the girl as others tended to her deceased father.

One of the first witnesses to rush to the scene in an attempt to help was Jessica Matrious, who later explained, “It’s so horrible to see something like that happen, especially because it could have been prevented. If the father was wearing a seat belt, then he’d still be here.”

Police are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident and are actively looking into why no one was wearing their seat belts at the time of the tragic accident. More



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