Officer Shoots Two Men Dressed As Women Outside NSA HQ

Officer Shoots Two Men Dressed As Women Outside NSA HQ

Officer Shoots Two Men Dressed As Women Outside NSA HQ

A police officer shot two men attempting to ram a gate at the National Security Agency headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland, Monday morning.

NBC Washington reports:

One person is dead after a security guard exchanged gunfire with two men who tried to enter the facility disguised as women.


The guard got into an altercation with the men outside the gate for the NSA side of the Maryland Army installation just before 9 a.m. Monday.


Gunfire was exchanged, and it is believed that the guard shot at least one of the men.


At least one gun and drugs were found in the stolen Ford Escape the men were riding in, according to NBC News.

Authorities have since confirmed that one of the gunmen is dead and the other seriously wounded.

NBC News reports that a senior official said that no other federal agencies are involved as the incident appears to be a “local criminal matter.” The Huffington Post notes that the gate which the two men attempted to enter is not near the main NSA buildings.

A local Fox News affiliate provided some aerial shots of the scene:

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