County ‘Finds’ Hundreds Of Uncounted Ballots In Tight Ohio Special House Election

Just lying around… Didn’t the Democrats “find” votes in the trunk of someone’s car that got Al Franken elected?

It happens in democrat run counties all the time. Every time there’s a close election where it looks like a Republican might be close they keep “counting” votes until the democrat “wins.”


Daily Wire:

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With all votes counted in Ohio’s 12th congressional district special election on Tuesday, Republican candidate Troy Balderson narrowly defeated Democratic challenger Danny O’Connor. The margin — out of 202,521 votes cast — was just 1,754 in favor of Balderson.

But Ohio election officials on Wednesday “found” some 588 previously uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb, and after tabulating them, O’Connor picked up 190 more votes, cutting Balderson’s lead to 1,564 votes.

“The votes from a portion of one voting location had not been processed into the tabulation system,” the Franklin County Board of Elections said to the Cincinnati Enquirer. More

I’ve had enough of this liberal voter fraud. A federal investigation is way past due. Arrests need to be made or this will never stop.

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