Ohio Judge Rules Some 17-Year Olds Can Vote In Primary

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Democrats expand their base to actual children.

Via The Hill:

An Ohio judge has granted teenagers who will turn 18 before Election Day the right to vote in the state’s presidential primary elections in a new decision that could boost Bernie Sanders’s chances in the state on Tuesday.


Sanders’s team sued to change the state law, but a judge decided Friday on a different state-level case that effectively provided the same outcome.


The Vermont senator’s White House campaign has been boosted by strong support from younger voters, so the decision could prove important in the crucial state of Ohio, which has 143 delegates up for grabs.


Ohio had barred 17-year-olds from voting on primary day regardless of if they would be eligible for the general election.


But the timing of the decision, just days before the Tuesday primary, could dampen any potential gains. More

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