Oklahoma GOP Political Director Resigns After Day Of Controversy


T.C. Ryan has resigned as political director of state Republican Party amid controversy over domestic abuse charges in his past.


The Oklahoma County Republican Party is asking the state leaders of the party to condemn domestic violence and calling for the firing of a high-ranking state party official.

This is the latest move in a controversy that has embroiled the state party since the election of new party chairman, Randy Brogdon.

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Brogdon hired a man named T.C. Ryan to a powerful position within the party.  In 2012, Ryan was involved in a domestic violence assault involving his girlfriend.  He pled guilty to the assault charges and the conviction was later expunged from his record.

“This is exactly what the issue is, it’s domestic violence it’s not just simple party infighting and it’s not just about one person it’s about an issue,” said Oklahoma County GOP Chairman Daren Ward.  Ward spoke at a news conference that featured sobering statistics about the problem of domestic violence in Oklahoma.

According to statistics released by the YWCA, Oklahoma ranks third in the country for women killed by men in single victim, single offender incidents.  From 1998 through 2013 Oklahoma saw 1,351 people die as a result of domestic violence.  Oklahoma County party leaders say it is an issue that should not be taken lightly or “swept under the rug,” which they believe is happening with the promotion of Ryan. More

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