Oklahoma Passes Law Arming School Teachers

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Oklahoma Passes Law Arming School Teachers

After a record number of public school students being gunned down in their classes in recent decades, elected officials from one state finally said enough is enough.

News Flash: Oklahoma just passed a law authorizing teachers to pack heat during school hours to protect children!

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Oklahoma State Representative Jeff Coody sponsored the bill authorizing handguns to be carried both by teachers and staff. Coody defended his bill in less than 10 words, saying: “A gun-free zone is a target, a soft target.”

Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt responded to the news with a blunt suggeston, saying: “Ask opponents of armed teachers why they fear armed teachers more than armed mass murderers.”

Wow! We finally have something positive in the news for a change as it is unlikely with the new law in place that Oklahoma schools will be on the top of the list to visit by some crazed attention-seeking psychopath.

Other states considering similar legislation might also consider this: The Oklahoma Armed Teacher bill passed by extremely wide margins of 82 to 12 in the House and 40 to 5 in the Senate. That means the likelihood of seeing other states passing bills is virtually certain. Imagine that: Every adult in public schools could be armed, from custodians to teachers to principals. OK, children, let’s continue with our spelling lesson: How do you spell safety? G-U-N-S.

Please forward this story to friends and family, encouraging them to ask their elected representatives to repeal Gun Free Zones at the federal Level. More

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