Ole Miss Student Senate Votes To Remove Mississippi Flag From Campus


Ole Miss Student Senate Votes To Remove Mississippi Flag From Campus

Political correctness wins again.

Via Clarion Ledger:

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The University of Mississippi Associated Student Body Senate voted Tuesday night to call for the removal of the state flag from university grounds.


The measure passed 33-15 with one abstention after more than an hour and a half of debate during a meeting that lasted almost three hours. All 49 senators were present.


The resolution was co-authored by ASB Sen. Allen Coon of Petal and several student organizations, including the school’s NAACP chapter, National Pan-Hellenic Chapter, and UM Pride Network.


“It’s just overwhelming to know that the voices of students that are affected by this image, that feel excluded by this image, that are hurt by the symbol, that their voices were heard,” Coon said after the vote. “It means that we truly are taking steps toward progress, that we care about change, that we care about students and that we respect difference.”[…]


ASB Sen. Andrew Soper of Tupelo started an online petition a month ago to keep the state flag on campus, which garnered over 200 signatures within a couple of hours, he said. Soper also circulated several hard copies of the petition around campus, gathering roughly 1,200 signatures, he estimated.


Soper said he believes the flag should remain on campus because the university receives state funds and that the people of Mississippi voted to keep the flag 14 years ago in a referendum.


“There should not be a debate. This a state issue, not a university issue,” said Soper,


Now that it has passed, the resolution will go to ASB President Rod Bridges of Madison, who has the authority to veto the resolution. Bridges, who previously told The Clarion-Ledger he would approve the resolution if it passes, said he was pleased with how the Senate handled the situation thus far. More

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