Omar’s Husband Walked In On Her With Chief Fundraiser In Their Pajamas… She’s Now Paying Him $250,000 For Silence

Ilhan Omar‘s husband discovered she was cheating on him with her chief fundraiser Tim Mynett when he walked in on the lovers in pajamas and now the congresswoman is paying ex $250,000 for his silence.

Sources say the families of Hirsi and Omar hammered out a financial settlement that would give Hirsi tens of thousands of dollars over several years but only if he did not speak publicly about the marriage breakdown. One source said the figure was as high as $250,000 over six years.

Daily Mail:

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Ilhan Omar’s husband discovered the truth about her torrid affair with her chief fundraiser when he went to her Washington D.C. apartment last spring and found the lovers lounging around in pajamas, has learned exclusively.

Ahmed Hirsi had long suspected that Omar, 39, was cheating on him with married Tim Mynett but the proof came when he caught the hijab-wearing congresswoman in a state that no Muslim woman would expect to be with a man who is not her husband.

Two separate sources confirmed the account to, saying that Hirsi was left ‘angry and humiliated’ by the encounter.

‘He suspected she was cheating but she kept telling him he was paranoid,’ one source said.

‘He told her he wanted to move down to D.C. to be with her but she insisted he should stay in Minneapolis with the children. Eventually he surprised her down there and his worst fears were confirmed. More

Time to deport Ilhan Omar for immigration fraud, theft and misuse of campaign funds, and ban her from the U.S. Deport her back to Mogadishu, Somalia to face the religion of peace for adultery. It will not be a rocking good time for her.

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