Premeditation! One More HUGE Detail About California Terrorists…


Although liberals are jumping on the “ban assault weapons” train, they are missing so many details about the San Bernardino shooting that it’s astonishing, but not surprising. However, a recent detail is going to be hard to ignore. Now that one more fact about the terrorists has emerged, it shows a definite premeditation on the part of the hostile killers.

On November 18, just a little more than two weeks before the massacre occurred at the hands of Syed Farook and his jihadi bride Tashfeen Malik, a large amount of money was deposited into Farook’s account. Farook earned a $53,000 salary for his job as a county government environmental inspector, so when authorities investigating the terrorism saw a deposit of $28,500 into the terrorists account, they knew that they needed to look into it. More


H/T [Fox News, Reuters]

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