Oologah, OK Police Officer Shot in Head While Driving ➠ Airlifted to Hospital

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Breaking: Oologah, OK Police Officer Shot in Head While Driving – Airlifted to Hospital

An Oologah police officer was shot while driving his car on Highway 169 in Nowata County.

The officer was driving this car when he was shot.

The officer was shot in the head during a pursuit.

The officer was flown to a hospital.

It was a carjacking?

According to Durant, officers found body armor and assault rifles left behind in the black SUV abandoned by the suspects.

FOX23 reported:

Quick Facts:
** Officer shot during pursuit of suspects north of Nowata
** Officer was transported to the hospital in serious condition
** Pursuit continued across Kansas line where 2 suspects were taken into custody
** Assault rifles, body armor were found in the suspects’ vehicle
** One male fled on foot


An Oologah police officer was injured in a shooting north of Nowata.


Officals tell FOX23 that officers began a pursuit in Oologah-Talala area when there was an officer-involved shooting.


Trooper Dwight Durant with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirmed with FOX23 that the officer was shot in the head while driving his car.
The officer was pursuing a vehicle when the shooting happened. He was later identified as Officer Charles Neil.


Oologah-Talala EMS PIO John Wiley tells FOX23 that an Oologah officer was shot on the Kansas side of the stateline.

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