Oregon Teacher Sues School Over ‘Gunman’ Who ‘Killed’ Her During Active Shooter Scenario

Mock shooter drill

Moonbat Oregon Teacher Sues School Over ‘Gunman’ Who ‘Killed’ Her During Active Shooter Scenario…

The event caused her to trigger the recent Sandy Hook shootings.

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Teacher Linda McLean says she hasn’t been able to work since the terrifying Friday two years ago when a man wearing goggles burst into her classroom, pointed a pistol in her face, pulled the trigger, and told her, “You’re dead.” But she wasn’t shot: The gunman turned out to be the school district’s safety officer, conducting a surprise “active shooter” drill on a day when students were at home, the Oregonian reports. McLean is suing the school district in Halfway, Ore., the principal, and several other parties over the drill, seeking lost pay, medical costs, and punitive damages, reports NBC News. According to her lawsuit, she tried to go back to the school the Monday after the drill but became “extremely emotionally and physically ill” and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.


The drill at Pine Eagle School District No. 61 came just a few months after the Sandy Hook massacre, and “panic ensued,” according to McLean’s lawsuit. She says that when the safety officer and a school board member went room to room firing blanks, one teacher wet herself and another was injured in a scuffle… More

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