Oregon Victim Throws Anti-Gun Agenda OFF By Saying What We’re All Thinking!


It’s a shame that liberals have used the tragedy in Oregon to advance their position regarding gun control, but what they didn’t take into consideration is the fact that these victims hold more power in the public opinion on guns than they do. Proving that to be true, one victim blatantly said what we’re all thinking and has successfully thrown a wrench in the anti-gun agenda.

Cheyeanne Fitzgerald was shot in the back during the Umpqua College shootings. Currently, she remains hospitalized in critical condition and has even had one of her kidneys removed as a result of her injuries. What she and her family had to say about gun control despite her tragic circumstances has come as a surprise to gun grabbers.

Cheyeanne and her family have announced that they are all still in favor of gun ownership – despite Cheyeanne’s current condition. Her brother, Jesse, has explained that the family has discussed the issue of gun ownership and have all decided that they all still support the Second Amendment.

“We’re pro Second Amendment, pro guns,” said Jesse, according to Daily Mail. “My sister, my mother, my whole family are all in favor. We were talking about it in the hospital and none of us have changed our minds.” Although Cheyeanne has a difficult time discussing the events that transpired when the gunman burst into her class, her views are remaining the same.

In fact, Cheyeanne’s mother, Bonnie Schaan, said that her daughter should have been armed, and she stressed that Americans must arm themselves so they are able to defend their lives if such a heinous attack befalls them, according to National Gun Rights.

Of course, Jesse has a solution to the tragedy that unfolded at his sister’s school from ever occurring again. “We should have teachers trained in non-lethal ways to take people down,” Jesse suggested. “There is surely a way to defend kids at school. Armed guards on campuses maybe.”

The family have opened a GoFundMe page to help pay for the costs of her care while staying in the ICU at Mercy Medical Center. They have exceeded their goal of $10,000 and have actually raised over $14,000.

Contrary to the beliefs of liberals, another statement has been released by the family of another victim, Quinn Cooper, who was killed during the attacks on Thursday. His grieving family stated that although their lives were “shattered beyond repair,” they don’t want Quinn’s death to be “used as a means of advancing arguments in favor of gun control,” according to Daily Mail. More

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