O’Reilly ➠ ‘Americans Don’t Trust Obama To Protect Us From Deranged Mullahs’

O'Reilly ➠ 'Americans Don't Trust Obama to Protect Us From Deranged Mullahs'

O’Reilly: ‘Americans Don’t Trust Obama to Protect Us From Deranged Mullahs’

Bill O’Reilly tonight warned that President Barack Obama shouldn’t defy Congress on the Iranian nuclear treaty.

“The Factor” host remarked that Obama “seems confused by evil in the world,” and he said that many Americans don’t believe Obama when he says the Iran deal is a good one.

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Next week, Congress will debate a bill that would require Obama to submit any nuclear weapons treaty with Iran for congressional approval. O’Reilly called that logical because it would allow the American public to see the strengths and weaknesses of the plan. However, Obama is threatening to veto such a bill.

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