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O’Reilly ➠ Is Any Group More Maligned Than Conservatives?

O'Reilly ➠ Is Any Group More Maligned Than Conservatives

O’Reilly: Is Any Group More Maligned Than Conservatives?

“Is there any group in the country more maligned than conservatives?” Bill O’Reilly asked tonight. “Maybe serial killers?”

“The Factor” host said that you’re deemed a loon if you don’t believe in global warming, and you’re a religious fanatic if you believe that life begins at conception. He added that anyone who wants strong action against the jihadists is viewed as a war monger.

“If any minority group was smeared the way conservatives are, there’d be a Justice Department investigation,” O’Reilly quipped.

O’Reilly noted that Sen. Ted Cruz, who announced his plan to run for president yesterday, is already being criticized. O’Reilly remarked that there are already questions about Cruz’s citizenship, and Cruz’s resume is being scrutinized while President Barack Obama’s inexperience was “given a pass.”

O’Reilly said Cruz probably won’t win the Republican nomination, but he said that Cruz’s entry into the race is a good thing “if you believe that America should be a vibrant democracy with all sincere views considered.”

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