O’Reilly ➠ Obama Doesn’t Give A Fig About Being Disrespected By Enemies Overseas

O'Reilly ➠ Obama Doesn't Give A Fig About Being Disrespected By Enemies Overseas


O’Reilly: Obama Doesn’t Give a Fig About Being Disrespected By Enemies Overseas

Bill O’Reilly tonight charged President Barack Obama with not caring about being disrespected overseas.

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“The Factor” host said that ISIS supporters have released a video depicting a jihadist beheading Obama in an attempt to humiliate the president in the eyes of the world. In Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered missiles to be shipped to Iran, which O’Reilly said violates the spirit of the arms embargo. O’Reilly also noted that the Iranian mullahs are “openly contradicting” Obama on the terms of the nuclear weapons negotiations.

Meanwhile, at home, Congress won’t pass an authorization to conduct military operations against ISIS. Some Republicans argue that Obama’s language could restrict commanders, while liberals say the language could lead to open-ended fighting.

“Now, you would think Barack Obama would be angry and would begin punishing those who are humiliating him […] but Talking Points believes President Obama does not give a fig about being disrespected by enemies overseas. He doesn’t care,” O’Reilly said.

“The Factor” host said that an American president hasn’t been this diminished around the world since Jimmy Carter.

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