O’Reilly Breaks Down Exactly Why Trump Is Winning

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Bill O’Reilly breaks down the Republican front-runner’s rise in his Talking Points commentary.


Why are voters propelling Donald Trump?

Bill O’Reilly broke down the Republican front-runner’s rise in his Talking Points commentary tonight, after Trump managed to sweep all five states in yesterday’s Super Tuesday contests.

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“There’s been talk about the feckless nature of the GOP leadership as the primary reason why Mr. Trump is this close to the GOP nomination,” said the Factor host.

“That’s an element, but not the decisive factor.”
Largely, O’Reilly said, “a broad disenchantment with the direction of America has fueled the Trump campaign.”

“His outspoken attacks galvanize Americans who are bitterly enchanted by a society that puts grievance above achievement,” he explained. More

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