OUTRAGEOUS: Gitmo Detainees Get 1st Class Accommodations, Same Healthcare As Our Troops, Video Games & Movies (Video)

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President Obama yesterday announced his plans to shut down Guantanamo Bay, a long-held promise that he argues would help save money for taxpayers and stop the prison from being used as a propaganda tool for terrorists.

But of those who are let out from Gitmo, the rate of inmates returning to the battlefield is as much as 30 percent.

“I have no reason to expect that their commitment is any less than it was than the day that they were first captured,” said one official.

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Veteran Army National Guard Pete Hegseth took us inside Guantanamo Bay for an exclusive look at the infamous prison.

The 90 detainees who remain at this hi-tech prison receive the exact same healthcare as those of our troops, he reported.

They also have access to a library stocked with movies and video games – and even have wireless TV sets to watch any number of 300 satellite channels.

“We treat them with dignity and respect. Even when they don’t deserve it,” said one of the 1,200 guards currently assigned to Gitmo.

“Even when they’re throwing feces, or urine, or spitting on guards, or scratching guards.” More

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