Sarah Palin Blasts Smithsonian For Clarence Thomas Snub

There is nothing liberals hate more than an accomplished black man or woman with conservative values. Justice Thomas don’t fit into their Controlled Orwellian Paradigm. Only slick rabble rousers need apply.

NM: Sarah Palin on Friday lashed out at the Smithsonian for virtually ignoring Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at its new National Museum of African American History And Culture.

“[Do] black conservatives need not apply? Those … who chose to ignore one of our most honored and accomplished African Americans must hear our concerns and address the inexplicable snub,” the former Alaska governor said on her Facebook page.

“Thomas has fought for equal rights his entire career, including as Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before being appointed to the highest court in the land. To ignore his good work is to censor his good work.” More

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