Palin: ‘I’m On Trump’s Side, Shame On The GOP Establishment’ If They Try To Boot Him Out

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Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), the 2008 GOP vice-presidential nominee, castigated the GOP establishment for reportedly considering the possibility of booting the current frontrunner Donald Trump out of the field.


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Palin commented on Rush Limbaugh’s criticism of Trump for going after his opponent and said, “Maybe that was a one-off comment or issue that Trump wanted to bring up because, yeah, I agree with Rush, obeying that old Reagan rule, you save your ammunition for who the real enemy at the end of the day is going to be, that’s the opponent on the other side of the aisle. And don’t get personal with your fellow Republicans.”

When asked about the tension between Trump and the Republican National Committee over a potential brokered convention, Palin said, “Certainly on that I’m on Trump’s side. I say, ‘Come on, GOP establishment, don’t blow it. Don’t marginalize Trump supporters.’ Because if Trump does feel—and it’s legit he’s treated unfairly—his supporters are going to leave with him. So, GOP, if you really want to win this thing—and we must win this thing—in order to undo what Obama has done in his transformation of America. If we want to restore what’s great about America, we have to win this thing. So shame on the GOP establishment if they essentially boot a top tier candidate out.”

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