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Palin: Trump He’s The Best Thing To Happen To The Permanent Political Class Since The Tea Party


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Former Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is “the best thing to happen to the permanent political class since…the Tea Party” on Tuesday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

Palin said that she believes Trump can get Mexico to pay for a border wall, and continued “his immigration policy, and these common sense plans of his that most Americans, i believe, have been thinking, just not being able to say because we don’t have a microphone like he does. The immigration plan of his, especially the wall, that’s common sense. It’s a real shot in the arm to constitutionalists and conservatives, who want America to be put first by our leaders, and really, it’s a shot across the bow to the other candidates, because now they’re going to have to explain why [we]can’t build the wall, even though we’ve been saying it for years there in the political classes in DC, we’ve been promising people a wall. Now they’re going to have to explain to people why they don’t support the policies that Mr. Trump has come out with.” More




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