Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Speaks Out After Being Heckled By Protesters At A Movie Theater

Pam Bondi: Three huge guys were screaming at me and cursing me one inch from my face & one spit on my head!

The intolerance, filthy mouths and plain old pure evil hate from the Democrats is just astounding.

The corrupt left has no election platform any longer. Their desperation is driving them to extreme measures. But one must ask themselves why they are only going after women and children?

Should Conservatives stop taking the high road and fight fire with fire? They are going after our conservative women who are public servants. You can push only so far before your targets begin to push back!


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Florida Attorney General spoke with FOX and Friends on Monday after after being verbally assaulted, threatened and bullied by raging leftists at a movie theater on Saturday night.

Bondi, the popular Attorney General from the great state of Florida, has been a long-time target of unhinged left. She told FOX and Friends “three huge guys” came up to her and started screaming at her and cursing her an inch from her face. The violent leftists then turned on her boyfriend and tried to provoke him into a physical altercation.

Bondi told FOX and Friends one of the men spit on her while he was screaming.

Pam Bondi said she will not allow the bullying left to alter her actions or her lifestyle.

This is today’s Democrat Party.

FOX and Friends:

Here’s the original video that was posted online after the attack.

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