Pam Geller Colleague Slams CNN For ‘Targeting’ Her Instead Of Radical Islam ➠ Video

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Pam Geller Colleague Slams CNN For ‘Targeting’ Her Instead of Radical Islam

After an interview this morning of Pam Geller on New Day, CNN’s At This Hour followed up with a testy interview of Geller’s colleague Robert Spencer, who ripped the media for attacking Geller and their unwillingness to confront radical Islam.

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This morning, in the interview with Geller, Cuomo accused her of provocative language and claimed she was throwing stones. Later in the day, when Spencer was asked by co-host Kate Bolduan how they can fight ISIS, Spencer responded with an attack on CNN:

What we are doing is trying to show what needs to be done in order to win this war, and that is to show we will not kowtow to violent intimidation. They are trying frighten Americans into silence and submission. They are trying to say you have to do what we say, you have to not do what we want, and do what we want, and if you do not, we will kill you. And the mainstream media, including CNN, is going along.

After being questioned if his groups – Jihad Watch and the American Freedom Defense Initiative – would change what they were doing, he was authoritative in asserting that “[w]e’re never going to surrender and we’re never going to submit. The media is submitting by not showing the cartoons and kowtowing to these violent threats and intimidation.”

This time, co-host John Berman jumped in to defend the media’s coverage of the Geller story. Despite the interview just hours earlier on CNN where Chris Cuomo went after Geller for her group’s anti-Islam rhetoric, the CNN personality flatly denied that they were doing so: “Well look, leave the media aside for a second. The media didn’t target Pamela Geller, the media didn’t attack that conference you had in Garland, Texas.”

Berman’s inaccurate statement clearly hit a nerve for Spencer, who shouted, “The media targets Pamela Geller all the time, are you kidding! She gets hit pieces all the time from CNN and everywhere else.” Not backing down from his original comment, Berman hit Spencer for “pointing fingers” rather than discussing the issue.

Spencer was correct in saying that the media have gone after Pam Geller for her statements on Islam. It’s unfortunate that CNN seems more committed to attacking Geller and Spencer than addressing the real issue, Islamic extremism. More

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