Parents And Students Brawl At Florida Elementary School


Civilized society is on a downward spiral.


School Police were called to intervene after a fight broke out at a South Florida elementary school between students and parents.

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The large fight occurred at West Little River K-8 Center, at 2450 N.W. 84th St., Friday morning.


Two adults and four juveniles were taken into custody by Miami-Dade Schools Police. One of the adults has been charged with carrying a weapon on school grounds after officials discovered a butcher knife in her purse. The second adult was charged with aggravated battery. The juveniles have been charged with inciting a riot.


According to officials, eighth grader Jonathan Antoine was attacked Thursday at a nearby park. “When I fell, I scraped [my head]on the thing. Rocks and sand,” he said.


Relatives of both parties involved arrived at the school Friday morning to address the incident and wound up getting into a fight themselves.


Yarixa Rodriguez saw the incident while she was inside the school. “When I was in the office, the lady pushed me, and then she started running inside the office, and she was screaming, ‘Where’s my daughter?’” she said. “She started hitting the walls.”


Betty Bazile, Antoine’s mother, said her son has complained on more than one occasion regarding being bullied. “I found out yesterday by the principal, called me telling me that my son was jumped,” she said. “If he’s being bullied, something should’ve been done before this happened. Parents coming in and fighting in the school? That’s not a good thing at all for the safety of our children.”


Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Ian Moffett said some of the lessons children learn at a young age need to also be followed by adults. “Kids spend seven hours a day with us. We teach them values, like respect and responsibility, and the fact that parents need to have those same values and teach their kids those values,” he said. “They learn from their parents, not just from us.” More

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