Parents Angry After 3rd Grade Teacher Tries To Indoctrinate Their Kids

Parents Angry After 3rd Grade Teacher Tries to Indoctrinate Their Kids

A third grade teacher in North Carolina recently came under fire for making the decision to push his personal opinion about a very controversial topic onto his young students.

According to Yahoo! News, the teacher, Omar Currie, heard a group of boys allegedly teasing another male student by saying things such as, “Hey, girl, throw me the ball! Hey, woman, come over here.”

Currie determined that the boys were bullying the other child for being “gay,” and he chose to take matters into his own hands by gathering his Efland-Cheeks Elementary School students together to read them a book titled, King and King — a supposed fairy-tale based on two gay princes who get married.

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Parents Angry After 3rd Grade Teacher Tries to Indoctrinate Their Kids

Currie did so without prior approval from the school’s administrators, nor did he inform any of his students’ parents, giving them the opportunity to opt their children out of hearing the controversial fable.

Some parents were quite upset with having their young children exposed to someone else’s strong opinion on such a delicate and personal topic and called the school to complain. Administrators investigated and determined that Mr. Currie had violated school policy.

The school has a “controversial topics” policy, which required Currie to let parents know when subjects dealing with the LGBT lifestyle would be discussed in his classroom, giving parents a choice whether their kids could participate.

Apparently, Currie took personal issue with the policy, and he chose to ignore it. It bears mentioning that Currie identifies himself as a gay man.

There was a public meeting held with school administrators and parents to discuss Currie’s actions. One parent removed his child from the school in protest of what he deemed as Currie pushing a gay agenda on the students.

The principal of the Efland-Cheeks elementary school, Kiley Brown, determined that Currie’s claims of bullying did not meet policy standards and wrote him a letter, stating in part, “Though the behavior was concerning and warranted attention, we determined, based on the information you provided, that the behaviors you described did not rise to the level of harassment and bullying under the school’s policy.”

Earlier this month, Currie resigned from his teaching position, stating he doesn’t believe that school officials “supported” him. The elementary school’s assistant principal, Meg Goodhand, who gave Currie the book to read to students in spite of school policy, also resigned. More

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