Parents Call On Gaia Democratic School’s Chief To Resign After Smitten Kitten Sex Shop Field Trip


Parents Call On Gaia Democratic School’s Chief To Resign After Smitten Kitten Sex Shop Field Trip…


Liberals butt hurt over sex? It can’t be. Update to this previous story.

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Via Minneapolis Star Tribune

Parents of students at a small Minneapolis private school are demanding the director resign after she led a field trip to a shop that sells sex toys and adult novelties.


“We are not happy with what happened,” said Steve Strawmatt, who has already removed his 10-year-old son from the school.


Strawmatt issued a statement on behalf of about nine sets of parents of kids at Gaia Democratic School who are outraged that director Starri Hedges took about a dozen middle- and high-school-age students to the Smitten Kitten late last week as part of a sex education course.


Meanwhile, parent Lynn Floyd filed a complaint with Minneapolis police accusing Hedges of exposing children to pornographic material. The police report recommends further investigation.


“I want her done and out, and that school closed,” Floyd said Thursday. “I want her away from children,” he continued. “It’s borderline predation.”


Hedges did not return calls seeking comment, but the school posted a statement on its website defending its leader.


“Gaia Democratic School’s board of directors stands behind the premise of the field trip,” the statement said. “We view it as a legitimate learning experience that relates directly to topics covered during our yearlong Sexual Health class.” More

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