Sen. Scott Brown: I’ve NEVER Seen A Party ATTACK Their Leader Like The GOP Did To Trump (Video)

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Dear Cavuto, Quit trying to answer your own questions.

Former Senator Scott Brown went off on the GOP elites for their unprecedented attacks on Donald Trump in Wisconsin. The GOP establishment and Ted Cruz spent millions on ads in Wisconsin to defeat GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

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In Wisconsin, I know Wisconsin, I’ve been to Wisconsin, I’m supporting Ron Johnson. I have never seen the so-called establishment, the conservatives, the members of our party attacking the leader of our party in such a vicious, malicious way. I’ve never seen it, Neil…


…Neil, it’s unheard of to see what, he had to go through, you know what the left’s coming from. You know what the DSCC and Hillary Clinton and everybody is coming from but you don’t expect this from your colleagues and from the right. You just don’t. More


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