Pastor Converts Muslim Women ➠ Husbands Take Revenge On His Orphanage


With the introduction and implementation of Islamic Sharia law comes the supremacy of Muhammadanism from the most basic fundamentals prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah, and, sadly, peaceful Christians often come to find this out much too late.


Uganda is widely considered a Christian nation, and with 84 percent identifying as such, it might be easy to believe that the nation is at peace — but this is hardly the case. Although Islamists only make up a minor 12 percent, what they lack in size they make up for in terror.

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One of these peace-loving Christians is Pastor Kisa Emmanuel Amos of Iganga — however, he isn’t your typical minister. In fact, this faithful man of the church and manager of a local orphanage has suffered and survived more than most Westerners can imagine, including his most recent encounter with devout Muslim jihadists.

On May 19, three Muslim women unconventionally arrived at Pastor Kisa’s worship center, Believer’s World Church. The ladies had been supernaturally inspired by Kisa’s earlier radio program, giving their lives to Christ and converting from Islam, a crime punishable by death under Sharia law.

Pastor Kisa continued to minister to his church, that is, until the husbands of the three women found out about their apostasy. The Muslim sheikhs came to the church intent upon killing Pastor Kisa. As they were about to attack, they experienced what many believe to be a divine intervention, ultimately stopping them from carrying out their Sharia justice.

“…the Muslims are also planning to take my life,” he posted on Facebook. “They have for so many times sought to kill me, they have tortured me, and have led to the many times I have been jailed.”

Later, the sheikhs again attempted to attack the pastor as he walked home from the service. They sought to beat him, teaching him a lesson that converting Muslims warrants the wrath of Allah, as delivered by his followers. Again the Muslims were mysteriously prevented from killing Kisa, so, they ordered him to cease preaching the Gospel or they would come back to kill him. However, Kisa walked away unharmed and undeterred.


Knowing that they did not instill the proper fear into Kisa’s heart, as Muhammad encourages, the Muslims attempted one last attack, this time succeeding in one of the most vile acts known to man.

Around 3:00 a.m. that night, a gang of armed Muslim men struck Pastor Kisa’s orphanage, Zion Children’s Haven, as the little ones slept, first, stealing a cow and calf, the children’s source of milk. Then, they moved towards the children.

“I come with sad news this morning,” Kisa grieved for the children. “Two of my daughters in the orphanage have been gang-raped and they are in a critical condition. It’s the worst experience of their lives.”


The two girls, aged 14 and 17, were sexually assaulted so violently that they had to be transported to a medical clinic. Kisa wrote soon after that the teens are in desperate need of surgery because of the extensive damage to their young bodies. More

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