Pastor Has SHOCKING Claims About Blacks & Slavery, Sparks OUTRAGE

Pastor Has SHOCKING Claims About Blacks & Slavery, Sparks OUTRAGE

Pastor Has SHOCKING Claims About Blacks & Slavery, Sparks OUTRAGE

One pastor has a highly controversial claim about African-American families and slavery, and his perspective has sparked quit a debate online. Based on the audio for the discussion, most listeners would immediately blast him for being racist, but there’s just one problem — he’s also African-American.

According to the Christian Post, Dr. Tony Evans, pastor of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, insists African-American families were “stronger” when they endured slavery.

During a panel discussion with Dallas Theological Center scholar Dr. Darrell Bock about “racial reconciliation,” Dr. Evans made the shocking claim and offered details supporting his opinion when asked how the black community could rebuild those bridges.

Here’s Dr. Evans’ response to the question via Opposing Views:

When 70 percent plus of your children are being born out-of-wedlock and the fathers are not there to tend to them, you’ve got chaos in the community. That’s crime, that’s unemployment and most of these kids are going to be raised in poverty. I mean, so, and that’s something we control, that’s something we control.


The white man is not making you do that. He’s not forcing you into that position. That’s a convenient out. In slavery, when we did not have laws on our side, the community on our side, the government on our side, the broader community on our side, our families were a lot stronger.


We were a lot more unified and we made a lot more progress. We’re going through regression right now and a lot of that is because of decision-making we are responsible for. More

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