Patriots SMACKDOWN Muslims! ➠ Smoking HOT Video


Some local Muslims wanted to build a Mosque in Spottsville and they scheduled a meeting to discuss the plan.  The meeting was scheduled two days after their Muslim brothers butchered 129 people in Paris.  Not a well thought out plan.

The local citizens showed up and had a thing or two to say.

The gentleman who stood up against the plan and left no doubt as to where he, and the town, stands on the Mosque.

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The unidentified anti-Islam leader of the night turned his attention to Shalaby, who was spearheading the event. “Shalaby, you can say whatever you want, every Muslim is a terrorist, period!” he shouted. “Shut your mouth, I don’t want to hear your mouth!” Then on that note, he vowed to do absolutely everything in his power to stop the mosque from being built.


Others in the room agreed that this “religious center” would inevitably become a safe house for Syrian refugees, which they don’t want, and it ultimately becomes a breeding ground for radicalization.

With fifteen months left in office I expect the Obama/Lynch Department of Justice to descend on Spottsville like vampires on a blood bank.

It’s past time to stop the spread of Islam in America. More

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