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Pelosi ➠ ‘Mistake’ To Investigate Hillary’s Email

Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Conference At Capitol.

Pelosi: ‘Mistake’ To Investigate Hillary’s Email

“It seems to me a big waste of taxpayer money.”


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) insisted Thursday that Republicans are making a “mistake” by investigating by Hillary Clinton’s emails, calling the move a “partisan investigation” that would just end up being a “big waste of taxpayer money.”

Speaking to reporters Thursday about the House Select Committee on Benghazi subpoena of Clinton’s work-related emails during her time as Secretary of State, Pelosi argued that this really wasn’t about emails, but just another GOP political attack:

PELOSI: I have a concern that this isn’t really about emails. It’s about a partisan investigation by a select committee that has spent millions of dollars and produced nothing… I think it’s a mistake for those committees to continue a political investigation of Hillary Clinton, and that’s what they seem to do. It seems to me a big waste of taxpayer money.

Despite the “big waste” of time and money, however, the Democrat House leader predicted Republicans would continue to drum up reasons to perpetuate their “ongoing” investigations into Hillary:

PELOSI: I think we’re going to just see an ongoing attempt to investigate Hillary Clinton, whatever the subject. Whether it’s her emails or it’s her hair or whatever it happens to be.

The committee has called for a neutral party to examine Clinton’s private server after reports of apparent missing emails, which some estimate to potentially be in the thousands. Last week, Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) announced that Clinton could have unitl March 27 to find the “missing” emails.

While Pelosi attempts to dismiss the issue as a partisan attack, Republicans aren’t the only ones suspicious about Clinton’s correspondence. Last week, “after careful deliberation,” the Associate Press sued the State Department for access to her correspondence during her time as Secretary of State, calling it the “necessary legal action” to force the department’s hand after years of being stonewalled.

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