Pentagon Audit ➠ Workers Using Govt Credit Cards For Gambling, Escort Services


Pentagon Audit: Workers Using Govt Credit Cards For Gambling, Escort Services


Via Newsmax:

A large number of Pentagon employees have used their government credit cards for gambling and paying for “adult entertainment” in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, according to a Defense Department inspector general’s report to be released later this month.


The audit found that both civilian and military employees used the cards to pay for escort services and other adult activities, Politico reports.


The federal government did not necessarily pay the charges, a Pentagon official told Politico, adding that the cardholders pay their bills and submit receipts for reimbursement. Some Pentagon workers may have used their government cards to prevent spouses from learning of the payments for escort services and gambling, according to the report.


However, the investigation will most likely not bring forth any serious charges — as it was based on an audit of the Pentagon’s credit-card system and not targeting specific employees. More

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