Pentagon Insists Obama’s Iraq Strategy “Is Working” Despite Islamic State Sacking Ramadi


Pentagon Insists Obama’s Iraq Strategy “Is Working” Despite Islamic State Sacking Ramadi…

Funny in an unintentional kind of way.

Via The Hill:

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The Pentagon insisted on Monday that said the U.S. strategy against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is working, despite the fall of a key Iraqi city.


“We still believe the strategy is working,” Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters.


“Ramadi is an urban environment that is among the very toughest to fight in,” Warren added in an acknowledgement that U.S. air power alone is no panacea for the city. “It is an environment that limits the ability of airpower, so it creates unique challenges,” he said.


Warren said the Pentagon would accept help from Shia militia fighters — even though many are believed to be backed by Iran — to retake the city.


“The militias have a part to play in this. As long as they are controlled by the central Iraqi government, then they will participate,” Warren said.


Warren expressed confidence that the coalition would be able to retake Ramadi from ISIS, but did not lay out any clear steps or a timeline.


“We will take Ramadi,” he said. “We will retake it in the same way that we are slowly but surely retaking other parts of Iraq and that is with Iraqi ground forces, combined with coalition airpower.


“I’m not going to put a timeline on it. This is an Iraqi decision, as with every other city in ISIL control, it has to be done on Iraqi timelines,” he said.

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