Pervert Tried Taking Little Boy At Walmart But This Feisty Grandma Made Him Pay!


Pervert Tried Taking Little Boy At Walmart But Grandma Made Him Pay

A typical Wednesday afternoon nearly turned tragic for a San Diego woman and her grandson, but the feisty grandma had different plans in mind for a man who tried to attack her and take the boy.

The unnamed woman had just wrapped up her shopping at an area Walmart around 11 a.m. and was putting the groceries in her minivan, where her 3-year-old grandson was strapped into his seat. While standing near her driver’s side door, a strange man came up behind her, hooked his arm around her neck, and tried to drag her off, presumably so he could steal her car with the child inside, according to UT San Diego.

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Grandma wasn’t going down without a fight, and she certainly gave her attacker one. With his arm strangling her and his other hand covering her mouth, she let out the loudest scream she could before going beast mode on the man, kicking and flailing her body against the assailant. Recognizing that the woman wasn’t a passive target, the man quickly gave up and took off running.

The suspect, described as a short, black male in his 30’s, about 5’7″and covered in tattoos, scattered off like a rat after his failed abduction — hopping over a guardrail and fleeing under the freeway bridge,  San Diego police Lt. Christian Sharp told the newspaper.

Despite the struggle, the woman wasn’t seriously injured and her heroism prevented any harm being done to the toddler.

“She’s shook up, obviously. She has some scratches from the attack but she’s going to be OK,” Sharp said. More

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