Peters ➠ ‘Interesting That We’ve Extended Iran Negotiations To April Fools’ Day’

Peters ➠ 'Interesting That We've Extended Iran Negotiations To April Fools' Day'

Peters: ‘Interesting That We’ve Extended Iran Negotiations to April Fools’ Day’

Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) weighed in on “Hannity” tonight about the Iran nuclear deal negotiations.

“Iran has really screwed us royally again,” Peters said. “Give me one example of one single tangible benefit the American people have gotten from these negotiations with Iran. I can give you a long list of advantages Iran has gotten.”

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“Now we have this spectacle of the secretary of state of the United States of America begging, begging the Iranians to give him something, just give him something, some piece of paper, a fact sheet that he can wave around tomorrow and say we got a deal,” Peters said.

He quipped, “It’s pretty interesting that we’ve extended the negotiations to April Fools’ Day.”

Lt. Col Michael Waltz (Ret.) explained, “What has me so concerned is that the administration has managed to paint this issue as diplomacy verses war,” Waltz said.

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