PHOTO ➠ Reporter Bloodied In Attack During Baltimore Riots

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PHOTO: Reporter Bloodied in Attack During Baltimore Riots

A photo posted to Twitter by Jim Spellman of CCTV shows his cameraman’s bloodied face from a cut on his forehead with the caption, “Our @CCTV_America cameraman was just attacked by protestors and his camera stolen. #FreddyGray “

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier Monday that CBS News producer Lindsey Boerma said reporters were being attacked and their equipment smashed and stolen.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said one reporter attacked by rioters Monday was hospitalized.

Boerma said the violence against people was a change from Saturday’s riot that mainly targeted property.

A video from Saturday showed a female Ruptly producer being attacked and robbed by a mob of Baltimore rioters.

Ruptly Baltimore Rioters

Update: Baltimore Sun reporter Carrie Wells reported Sun photographer Chris Assaf was attacked Monday night by Baltimore rioters, “Our photo editor Chris Assaf was just assaulted by a mob of looters while taking pictures on Howard Street…People around were yelling at him “stop taking pictures,” ran after him and tackled him, beat him while he laid on the ground. He’s okay…Police didn’t really help when we called for help but they’re here now…I ran around the corner from where my colleague was being beaten and screamed at large group of police to help and they backed away from me.”

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