PHOTO GOING VIRAL: Marine Posts Yard Sign That Has Entire Neighborhood Talking!


No one understands the value of self-defense more than former members of our armed services, who have defended our country with firearms for more than 200 years now.

However, this Marine decided he didn’t want to get into a gunfight with anyone, so he decided to post a warning message outside of his property.

The sign is going viral, and with good reason — anyone who decided to go onto his property after seeing this is an absolute moron:

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“This property is protected by a United States Marine who has a serious lack of negotiating skills, but is absolute hell in a gunfight,” the sign read. “If you do not belong here, please leave.

“You have now been properly negotiated with.” (H/T The Federalist Papers Project)

Short and sweet. I like it!

Marines aren’t the type to be trifled with, and for good reason. Our troops are the finest in the world, and their skill with a firearm should make any criminal shake in their stolen boots.

Perhaps that’s why the Obama administration has been so keen on depriving veterans of their Second Amendment rights. The Department of Veterans Affairs recently informed veteran John Arnold of Priest Lake, Idaho, that they intended to confiscate his guns and that he was forbidden to purchase more.

Thankfully, ordinary Americans turned out to protect Arnold’s home just in case the authorities came. One of them was even the local sheriff, Daryl Wheeler.

“I took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and uphold the laws of Idaho,” Sheriff Wheeler said. “This seemed appropriate to show my support. I was going to make sure Mr. Arnold’s rights weren’t going to be breached.”

Thankfully, there are plenty of Americans who are going to ensure that our veterans get to exercise their Second Amendment rights. And let’s hope that when they do, they make more funny signs like this.

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