Picture Taken Of Hillary… Who’s Behind Her Is VERY DAMNING!

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During a break at the last debate, someone managed to snap a picture of Hillary Clinton while she was backstage. Although some people thought it was an ordinary photo, it turned out to be rather damning when they noticed who was walking with the presidential hopeful.

The image was captured backstage during Wednesday’s Univision debate while they were taking a scheduled break. Taken by a Bernie Sanders aide and passed on to Fox News’ Ed Henry, the image depicts Hillary breaking the rules of the debate.

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As can be seen, Hillary is walking alongside her campaign aides while the debate was in session, which is a clear violation of the rules. As Mediaite further reports:

The rules of the debate banned candidates from meeting with staff during breaks. When contacted by Henry, Clinton spokeswoman Jen Palmieri responded by saying she didn’t know the photo existed.

Why does it matter whether a picture of Hillary’s rule breaking and flagrant misdeeds exists? It’s about the fact that she did it. Sadly, this is what we’ve come to expect from the Democrat presidential hopeful, as her past is plagued with instances such as these. More

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