Pizzeria In NYC Accused Of Creating ‘Racist Pizza’ With Fried Chicken And Watermelon…

Pizzeria In NYC Accused Of Creating ‘Racist Pizza’


I guess they didn’t sound it out.

Via Daily Mail:

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A Manhattan pizzeria sparked a backlash from New Yorkers after proudly promoting a ‘racist’ pizza slice called ‘Pic-a-nika’ featuring southern fried chicken and watermelon as toppings.


One regular customer was shocked when he visited Pizza by Certé, on 56th and Lexington Avenue, to see the display for August’s ‘pizza of the month’.


He said the ‘Pic-a-nika’ – which was promoted by the company on Facebook and Twitter along with the hashtag #perfectsummerpizza – sounded ‘very horrible’ and branded it racist. More

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