Planned Parenthood BUSTED Not Reporting Child Sex Abusers To Police (Video)

A new study from the pro-life investigative group Live Action documents the abortion giant’s failure to report sexual crimes to authorities thereby leaving minors in the care of their rapists and sex traffickers.

Through the Time’s Up and Me Too movements, America is calling for an end to sexual abuse in every institution. But few are calling out one of America’s biggest accomplices to sexual abuse, even though there is widespread documentation of decades-long systemic sexual abuse cover-up behind its doors. The group is Planned Parenthood and they are tax funded. Planned Parenthood claims that sexual assault victims come to their facilities on a daily basis. What we will show you in Live Action’s seven-part video series is how Planned Parenthood treats these victims, consistently and deliberately failing to report their abuse and even making a profit doing so.

Life News:

The Planned Parenthood abortion chain has been caught repeatedly performing abortions on abuse victims as young as 12 and 13 years old, failing to report suspected sexual abuse to authorities, and sending victims back to their abusers. A new investigative report chronicles these cases and reveals Planned Parenthood’s decades-long pattern of helping child sex abusers cover up their crimes.

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As LifeNews has documented multiple times, Planned Parenthood has a history of not reporting statutory rape or sexual abuse to authorities. The abortion corporation frequently covers up cases of rape with abortion and refuses to report rape cases to law enforcement.

The report, titled “Aiding Abusers: Planned Parenthood’s Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse”, comes less than a week after President Trump made his proposed rule official to defund Planned Parenthood of the $60 million dollars that it receives via Title X Family Planning dollars.

Planned Parenthood is required by federal law to report suspected cases of sexual assault and abuse to law enforcement. But it has a long history of ignoring it. More


The report cites numerous examples of girls who were under the age of consent and brought to a clinic for an abortion. Girls as young as 12 and 13 received abortions, which were not reported to authorities, Live Action said.

The examples in the report are not localized to any particular region of the country, and some of the cases date back decades.

In 2004, a 16-year-old woman named Denise Fairbanks was brought to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Ohio after she became pregnant following sexual abuse by her father. Despite the fact that Fairbanks told three employees at the Planned Parenthood that she had been forced into sex, this was not reported to authorities, the report said, and she was sent back to her father’s home, where the abuse continued. Her father was later arrested a year and a half later, when her basketball coach uncovered the abuse. She later filed a civil suit in 2007, and settled in 2012.

Similar situations in Washington state, Arizona, California, and Colorado are cited in the report. In the Colorado case, a Planned Parenthood employee said in a deposition that “being 13 and pregnant alone is not a red flag” of sexual abuse. The age of consent in Colorado is 17. More

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