Hillary To Planned Parenthood: I Will Always Have Your Back

Hillary To Planned Parenthood: “I Will Always Have Your Back

I do not get how the baby killing industry got so influential. We don’t make anything in the USA anymore, except babies and those we use your taxpayer money to kill them.

“I’ve been proud to stand with Planned Parenthood for a long time and as president, I will always have your back.” [Applause] Because I know that force a century, planned Parenthood has worked to make sure that women, me, young people who count on you can lead their best lives, health, safe and free to follow their dreams. Just think, when planned Parenthood was founded, women couldn’t vote. Or serve on juries in most states. It was illegal even to provide information about birth control, let alone prescribe it. But people marched and organized, they protested unjust laws and in some case even went to prison . And slowly but surely, America changed for the better. 51 years ago this wee, thanks to a planned Parenthood employee named sl Griswold.”


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The Hill: Clinton’s resounding support for abortion rights on Friday comes four days after she became the first woman to top a major party .

Clinton has been a fierce warrior for Planned Parenthood, and a crucial ally during its tough political stretch over the last year.

For most of 2015, Planned Parenthood was at the center of a firestorm spurred by an anti-abortion rights activist’s undercover video campaign.

At the height of that controversy, Clinton gave interviews calling for even more funding for the group.

In her speech Friday, Clinton did not directly speak about the controversy, but acknowledged the political turmoil that Planned Parenthood has endorsed. More

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