Planned Parenthood Workers Laugh While Sorting Through “5-Star” Baby Parts, “Another Boy!”


Capture boy

Revolting to say the least.


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Via Newsbusters:

…At one point, a buyer asked, “What was that? A crack, was that the just the little bits of the skull?” to which they casually responded, “Mhmm.”


Ginde, later looking at the dish proclaimed, “It’s a baby” and pointed out the heart.


The medical assistant also chimed in at one point:  “My fingers will smush it if I try to get it out” and laughed over the dead baby, deeming the intact parts worthy of “five stars.”


Ginde also recognized a baby brain “blasted out” with water, and noted she sometimes doesn’t use water, so that the parts aren’t as “war-torn.”


The video ended with one Planned Parenthood medical assistant announcing: “Another boy!”

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