PM Trudeau To Close Canadian Borders To Non-Citizens

Canada is closing its borders to noncitizens because of coronavirus, U.S. citizens exempt from ban ‘for the moment.’

Speaking to reporters from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada will be closing its borders to people who are not Canadian citizens, or permanent residents of Canada. Trudeau said exceptions will be made for aircrews, diplomats, immediate family members, and U.S. citizens. He said second, airlines will ban anyone who is showing symptoms of the virus from getting on a plane. “That means anyone who has symptoms will not be able to enter Canada.”


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On Monday morning, the Associated Press reported that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he will close the country’s borders to non-citizens.

Trudeau said Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Montreal Trudeau Airport and Calgary International Airport will still receive international flights. He added that domestic flights and flights from the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean will still be in service.

Canada’s Minister of Health Patty Hajdu stated: “Now is the time to pull out all the stops to flatten the curve or slow the rate of infection. This will be very hard and it will require much personal sacrifice. It will require all of us helping in many different ways. The measures that we take now will protect people in our communities that are most at risk and ensure that our healthcare system can meet any surge in demand.” More

How racist of him, and I thought borders were just an evil construct of cis white patriarchy? Weird how that changed real fast… When America wants to close its borders everybody said America was a racist nation.

Every country should have done this two months ago. 

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