Police Commissioner To Parents ➠ Control Your Kids ➠ Responding To A Question Referencing A Viral Video

Baltimore Police Commissioner To Parents ➠ Control Your Kids

Balto Police Commissioner to Parents: Control Your Kids

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts placed the blame for violence in the city on high school students who “thought it was cute to throw cinder blocks at police.”

Batts made his remarks at a late night press conference yesterday. He admitted that there is a heavy gang component.

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The Hill writes, “An admittedly exhausted Batts claimed that a meeting took place between various gangs including the Bloods and the Crips, in which members pledged to kill police officers following Freddie Gray’s funeral earlier today.”

But the police chief said it wasn’t the gangs but rather the high schoolers. “However, the police chief insisted the main instigators of today’s unrest were local ‘youthful residents’ who ‘came out of a local high school’ and ‘outnumbered and outflanked’ police.”

“Take control of your kids,” Batts urged parents in closing. “This is our city. Let’s make a difference.”

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