Police from Coast to Coast React with Alarm at Murder Charges Filed Against Baltimore Officers


Police from Coast to Coast React with Alarm at Murder Charges Filed Against Baltimore Officers

Police officers across the country are shocked by Friday’s news that six Baltimore cops were charged with the murder of Freddie Gray. Many worry that they will be prevented from doing their job going forward.


On Friday, after Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby charged the six officers with numerous charges including murder, it sent a chilling message to police everywhere.

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NPR had reaction from several police officers and police officials, but suffice it to say they are worried for their safety on the job as well as fearful of prosecution.

“The specter of criminal charges being filed against police officers I believe is going to send reverberations across the nation,” the operator of the police academy in Washington state, Sue Rahr, told NPR on Friday.

The president of Houston’s Police Union, Ray Hunt, noted that he feels that police now have fewer rights than the potential criminals they deal with. “There is a mood among some in this country that the police are going to be wrong unless proven right,” Hunt said.

Police feel their hands are being tied by politicians and the courts on a range of issues. Earlier this year, for instance, police in San Diego complained that they were not being allowed to “combat crime” in their city over the issue of what is to be done about homelessness. More

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