Police Shoot Terror Suspect Holding Rucksack At Brussels Tram Station As Two Explosions Are Heard In New Raids

Fullscreen capture 3252016 101130 AM.bmp

Armed police shot a terror suspect at a Brussels tram station as they launched fresh raids in the Belgian capital in the wake of the suicide attacks on Tuesday.

Two explosions were heard at the start of the operation in the neighbourhood of Schaerbeek, north Brussels, after which one man was shot and ‘neutralised’.

Several eyewitness videos show the incident unfolding at the tram stop in Schaerbeek on Friday afternoon.

The operation on Friday afternoon has been linked to an attack plot in France that was foiled by authorities in Paris on Thursday night when one man was arrested, French police sources said.

Armed police officers can be seen hiding behind a car, and shooting a man holding a bag, who falls to the ground.

As the man lies at the tram stop, police approach, followed by a man dressed in an orange hoodie who appears to be calling for someone out of shot.

As the camera moves to include the tram stop, it shows a young child crouching by the side of the shot suspect.

The man in orange manages to convince the child to leave the suspect on the ground, and police initially back away.

Once the child is safe, another video, shot from a different angle, then shows armed officers running over to the suspect and dragging him away from the tram stop – forcing him to drop the bag.

Moments later, a bomb robot rolls in and lifts the rucksack, after which a member of a bomb squad arrives to inspect the bag. More

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